We want to make hemp cool again.

Hemp used to be mainstream. It's not anymore. We want to bring it back because it's better for the planet and our bodies.

Pronounced [may-jai]

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We use hemp because it's strong, anti-microbial, more breathable than cotton, and gets softer over time.

It’s better than traditional polyester and cotton underwear because it protects your skin and doesn't exploit the planet to do so.

Why hemp?

Natural, durable, breathable

Hemp is one of the strongest natural fabrics on the planet. It's more breathable than cotton and doesn't hold odors.

Better for the planet

The hemp plant regenerates soil as it grows and absorbs carbon from the atmosphere at a faster rate than traditional forests. It also needs less water and land to grow than cotton.

Better for you

The hemp fibre is naturally antibacterial so you can rest assured your skin is protected. It also gets softer each time it's washed!