Our story

Hey! Thank you so much for checking out my baby Magi.
I'm Nergiz, the founder of Magi (pronounced may-jai). The story of my eureka moment isn't very glamorous - it all began with a yeast infection.
women wearing hemp underwear
My gynaecologist recommended cotton underwear, but the proud treehugger that I am, I knew cotton was very water thirsty and needed lots of pesticides to grow.

After searching far and wide, I found hemp, which is a better alternative to cotton in almost every way, but I couldn't find a pair of hemp underwear that was cute and that I was excited to put on in the morning.

So I decided to start Magi, knowing other people would have the same problem. 

We wear underwear every day, and it sits closest to our most intimate regions. I think we deserve the safest and most comfortable products that don't hurt the planet or people in the process.

We use a woman-owned factory in North London. Our hemp fabric supplier is the same one Patagonia uses. Our packaging is compostable. 

Hemp is a truly mind-blowing plant that I totally believe will save the world. Magi is part of that journey, and so are you. 

Thank you for joining us, and I hope you absolutely love our underwear. 

Love, Nergiz 

P.S. The story behind the name: a magi is a Zoroastrian priest (I'm Azerbaijani), and in ancient times, only magi's were allowed to wear or smoke hemp because it was considered sacred. It's also the name of a Chinese goddess who wears hemp and is considered a symbolic protector of women. Pretty fitting.