Our Story

I'm Nergiz, the founder of Magi (pronounced may-jai). The story of my eureka moment isn't very glamorous - it all began with a yeast infection. My gynecologist recommended cotton underwear, but I knew cotton was very water thirsty and needed lots of pesticides to grow.

I had heard of hemp and all its benefits, but I couldn't find a pair of hemp underwear that was cute and that I was excited to put on in the morning. So I decided to start Magi, knowing other women would have the same problem. 

We put on underwear every day, and buying new underwear can be a very emotional process for women. So I wanted to create a brand that didn't compromise on anything. 

Our factory is in Portugal and follows all EU labour regulations. Our hemp fabric supplier is the same one Patagonia uses. Our packaging is compostable. 

I also designed the underwear to make you feel comfortable and beautiful, not contorted and squeezed.

In essence: this is underwear your gynecologist will love, without sacrificing the planet. Hemp is a wonderful fabric we think everyone should be wearing, and that's why our vision is to change the fashion industry and make hemp mainstream. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

P.S. The story behind the name: a magi is a Zoroastrian priest (I'm Azerbaijani), and in ancient times, only magi's were allowed to wear or smoke hemp because it was considered sacred. It's also the name of a Chinese goddess who wears hemp and is considered a symbolic protector of females. Pretty fitting.