5 benefits of wearing hemp underwear

benefits of wearing hemp underwear

Have you ever come home after a long day and been super relieved to take off your underwear? Or had to throw out a bra because it was falling apart after just a few months of use?

The fashion industry has been relying on synthetic fabrics because of how cheap they are to produce. But they trap heat and moisture down there and are treated with harmful chemicals that make them less-than-ideal to be close to our most intimate regions.

They are also difficult to recycle and don’t biodegrade in nature. Enter: hemp underwear. Here are a few reasons your next underwear purchase should be hemp:

Hemp is antimicrobial

If you want a fabric that you know is safe for your privates, look no further than hemp. Lots of companies have begun infusing silver into their underwear to make them antimicrobial, but there is evidence that it can be harmful when leached into the water supply.

Hemp is naturally antimicrobial, which means nothing synthetic is added and you get an amazing benefit!

There are some studies (inconclusive as of yet) that indicate hemp underwear can reduce the duration and occurrence of yeast infections. Sign us up, please!

Hemp is a super breathable fabric

When it’s cold outside, hemp keeps you warm, and when it’s warm, hemp keeps you cool. It’s also more breathable than cotton and can absorb more sweat while still feeling dry to the touch. This makes it a great option for the sporty among us who still want to feel fresh and dry while working out.

Polyester, which is a common underwear fabric, traps moisture, which increases the likelihood of yeast infections. Big no-no from the gyno for polyester. Big yes-yes for hemp.

Hemp fabric sustainable

Hemp is one of the most sustainable fabrics for clothing

The hemp plant doesn’t need pesticides or fertilisers to grow, meaning there is very little soil pollution. In fact, it regenerates the soil, meaning you can reuse the same area of land many times over.

It also grows densely (uses up less land) and isn’t a very thirsty plant (uses up less water). Hemp grows really quickly - the harvests are ready in about four months.

Hemp can also grow anywhere around the world in almost any climate, so as it becomes more mainstream, the world can have many local hemp farms that supply hemp fabric without the carbon-intensive process of shipping it and also create jobs for local farmers.

Hemp also absorbs large amounts of CO2 in the growing process, making it a carbon-negative fabric.

Hemp gets softer each time you wash it

Every time hemp is washed, it reveals new fibres, meaning it gets softer and more comfortable with each wash. We love this fabric for this reason alone - it actually gets better with time. Say goodbye to throwaway culture and say hello to hemp.

Hemp underwear

Hemp is one of the strongest fabrics on earth

Forget about flimsy and sagging underwear that loses its shape after a few washes. Hemp is the strongest natural plant fibre in the world - up to 5 times stronger than cotton and holds colour well, meaning it doesn’t fade easily.

Lingerie and underwear is notoriously difficult to look after well, but you don’t need to give hemp fabric any special treatment for it to last years and still look and feel great.


There are so many more reasons why hemp is such an amazing fabric. At magi, we make our underwear with a hemp and organic cotton blend, meaning you can rest easy knowing your privates are safe and the planet hasn’t been harmed in the process.